Hi, I'm Kris.

Welcome to Meet My Camera, the blog.

Chances you are here because you know someone who loves their portraits, or me, or both.

Look around. Enjoy. Call me for your own.


Mercy me...

I've let my blog go.

My apologies.

It is with good cause.
*really good!*

It's been Christmas cards and books galore around here. In my particular brand of business (a sole proprietorship, in a part time capacity) one woman just can't do it all. So the blog got cut for a couple of weeks.

Tons of projects just finished. I'll share with you when I can.

I hope the season is bringing you lots of beautiful Christmas Cards and time spent with loved ones.

Our Thanksgiving included 30 in our home for dinner (this isn't the entire family, a few couldn't make it)...


You'd think by now I would know how to look good in a picture.

I got a bug in my rug and finished this beautiful little dandy just in time for Christmas.
It's been three years.
My son was not nearly excited as I was the morning I finished it. Perhaps I'll get some better portraits later.


And lastly...everyone needs a nap.

Including me.