Hi, I'm Kris.

Welcome to Meet My Camera, the blog.

Chances you are here because you know someone who loves their portraits, or me, or both.

Look around. Enjoy. Call me for your own.


Today is...

My son's birthday.

He turns four. Phew, we've made it another year.

One of my favorite traditions are my kids birthday invitations. He loves anything Star Wars, Transformers, or Ratchet and Clank (don't ask). So in light of it all, I made some that were perfectly him...



Really, you're invited if you want to come. I hear there's going to be cotton candy there...

The Cross Over


Why can't some of my personal posts cross over to this blog?

After all, I'm a little shorter on time than your average single photographer.

While it's true I've got some great projects to post (allllmost there...) I've also got some don't-you-wish-you-lived-here pictures.

This is where we ended up on our hike the other day. Five kids, Three Mom's, Two and a half dogs, two backpacks, and one stinkin' beautiful day and unreal scenery.



The rare shot of me and mine.
And yes, that is the 1/2 dog we are referring too.
It is a he, and he is full grown.




"As easy as one, two, three"

We've ended up with the Jackson 5 on Rockband. Catchy tune I tell you.

I guess on the new Beatles (oh yea, I'm getting it) you can sing harmony. Wow.

What's even more fun are the results I get when my children have my point and shoot in the back of the car on the way home.

When you just don't want to narrow them down to one...don't. Make a proof sheet and call it a day.


See? Easy as one, two, three.

If you're feeling like a pick me up, make your own.


9 months

Not THAT nine months.

Nine months old.

I got to do pictures of this guy when he was brand spankin' new.

Look how far he's come.

I'm a little sad how far he's gone, moving off to Alaska and whatnot.

Good thing I've got some images to keep me company.










And finally, you want to know what causes this?



Bitterroot Valley Mini-Sessions


My busy-ness (*cough* procrastinator-ness) has left me at a loss for planning a mini-session day in my hometown.


I live here


so do you!

In celebration of such a fun coincidence I'm offering the Anytime Mini-Session.

It starts at $175, takes 20 minutes or less, and gets you 5-10 medium resolution digital negatives of your fun (or funky) family to choose from. I even perfection edit your very favorite image.

There's no charge if you come to my house or the lovely Daly Mansion (the leaves are UNREAL when they change...) $25 for a travel fee anywhere in the valley ending in Missoula.

This is perfect for those just wanting a family portrait for your Christmas cards. You can order your own, or have some custom designed by yours truly.

Call TODAY. This offer is only good through October 31st. The clock is ticking...

*If you are needing the full out session, I can do that too. Check out my price book to see all the details.


Dear Neglected Blog,

For the rest of the week, I'm posting once a day.

I've got that much to catch you up on.

Fun projects.

Upcoming trips.

And the rest of this lovely families portraits...




The summer is officially over.

In more ways than one.

Thank goodness laughing and crying look suspiciously like each other.




Now getting ready for the Season...

I'm offering cards this year if you are interested in custom Christmas cards.

You've got the beautiful portraits, you might want your cards to do them some justice...



I custom design a card highlighting your images. It will be simple and elegant...no funky backgrounds to distract from YOUR FAMILY here.

Choose from a

4x6 postcard style (shown above):
$75 for the first 25 (includes the design)
$50 for each set of 25 of the same
High quality, linen texture, press printed in full color

5x7 folded:
$125 for the first 25
$75 for each set of 25 of the same
Same high quality, linene texture, press printed in full color


The fox hunt

Every night in the field we share with our neighbors, there is a fox who torments the neighborhood dogs. My dog Po (whom could easily catch said wiley fox) always seems to pull up short and just bark a bit. Our good friends (and neighbors) dog will catch the fox and simply tumble it to the ground. Good thing Abby has a little more sense in her head.

Yet another long awaited session I am still pouring through. (Eeeek, I get giddy every time)
*Just a little FYI for the general public...sunburns cannot be photoshopped out. Wrinkles and bad camera angles can be "fixed", but sunburns will look like just that...

It is summer after all. Luckily for us sunburns fade quickly and the sun still stays just long enough in case you wanted to go on a fox hunt one night...

Meet Abby the fearless fox wrestler.

And her fearless leaders...




And a final bit of show and tell for today...
"What a short post" you say.
I agree.
More to come soon....