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The Idaho Project


Meet Rachel, the adorable graduate who drove half way across the United State to get her senior pictures done.

In Idaho.


She's more urban than not so we found some fun things downtown.





(this particular portrait makes my heart sing about the new Lightroom)

And then she met the country.
Snow covered fields, Grand Tetons in the distance.
The kind of country that makes my heart sing.


I think it suits her.

It was a pleasure meeting you, shooting you,
and have some serious fun when you come back for college.

"Silly Boys, Rugby's for Girls"

My sister-in-law wants that written on the back of all our little girl's shirts when we go out to support our new local Rugby Club.

Four of my nephews are on it.

If you are around you really should come. It's a great sport to watch.


We'll see you there!


Straight up

The first of many.



We just got back from Idaho for a quick family trip.

There were fields of snow and beautiful light. We stayed in a cabin on the river.



I'm recovering from the beauty and the cupcakes.


And, I can't get over how great my niece looked with red hair (she was Annie in a play)



Unfortunately we had to drive back when all was said and done.



Hey Hamilton...I've got something for you!


I've got exciting news for Hamilton, my first of many Portrait workshops.

A chance for you to get to know my style of family friendly portrait photography and the joy it can bring to your home.

Click on the pictures above for all the details, and then call to sign up.

It really is that easy.

Who says you can't do things just because?

My Grandfather's gift to me


My Grandfather left us few physical reminders of his life here.

We recently received his history as written by himself, cut short by his death.

He drove a jeep in the war, amongst other things.
(That is a story for a whole other post)

It's from this side of the family I got the trigger happy shutter finger.
My Father and his Father were photographers.

After he passed my grandmother gave me a box of his cameras.

It was years ago, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with them.

One of them had been dropped in the ocean
(for non-cameras people...that is a slow and painful death for a camera)
that was kept as parts for it's replacement.
Luckily for me I had it...the "replacement" had a specially made eye piece so he wouldn't have to wear glasses and I had a few rolls of blurry pictures before figuring out it wasn't my focus, but replacing a tiny piece of glass that made everything right as rain.

There was this very cool looking medium format camera.
The one that has the accordian hood.
My Dad and I spent a week trying to close the dang thing once we opened it.

There was a roll of film in it that had long since gone bad.

So I got a roll, loaded it and took a few pictures LAST FALL and it has since sat on my fireplace biding it's time.

You see, I wasn't really sure anything would come of it.

This last week we got everything developed and they turned out!
It's a miracle.
In my head I was ready to be dissapointed,
but these are horribly beautiful.

light leaks galore,

And I love every one of them.

I've got another roll of film and I'm pretty sure it won't take half of the year to get it developed.