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There's something about families. They are fascinating. All of them different. I'm lucky to get to meet so many. This last trip I was introduced to six amazing families. It's an honor to be let into your lives if just for an hour. I'm amazed at how quickly you open up, nevermind the camera usually inches from your face. I was ordering today, and forgot to post some more of my favorites from this family. The puppies did all the work...




"Winter's first green is gold..."



More sneaky peeks


These were all taken at a place called Unity village. We were shushed, told we weren't allowed and rained on...yet there are too many fantastic pictures to count. It was a great evening.
(forgive color issues, still not calibrated)

Here's an abbreviation of my very first face to face conversation with the above family...
ME: "Hey, how's it going."
FAMILY: "This place is beautiful"
ME: "Yes it is. I was kinda looking at that dumpster over there..."
FAMILY: "Um...OK, lets go"
The rest is history.