Hi, I'm Kris.

Welcome to Meet My Camera, the blog.

Chances you are here because you know someone who loves their portraits, or me, or both.

Look around. Enjoy. Call me for your own.



I'm Kris.

I have a husband, four kids, a dog and we live in a beautiful blue cottage in Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah.

I love hiking, Disneyland, traveling, and miss our Montana home. 

I travel anywhere along I-15 frequently.

Of course I'm also photographer.  I'm glad you're here to see my work. 

I believe portraits should not be too perfect.  Or too bright.  Or too posed.  Or take forever.  Or make anyone miserable.

I believe they are important.  They are art.  They are worth more.  They should be printed and displayed.  They should make you smile.  They should make you feel love. 

If you are in agreement, we'll make beautiful portraits together.

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