Hi, I'm Kris.

Welcome to Meet My Camera, the blog.

Chances you are here because you know someone who loves their portraits, or me, or both.

Look around. Enjoy. Call me for your own.


It's no secret...

I love me a newborn.

Wait, strike that. I love me somebody elses newborn.
(I'm in that stage where people are waiting for me to get pregnant again...uh huh)

So naturally, there are some wee ones coming soon (Once again, not mine...their's).


C'est Moi

All photographers have it. Or rather,
don't have it.

Pictures of themselves.


Not making a funny face and pointing the camera at themselves
(or in the mirror holding their camera...the O.G. of self portraits)

Seeing that spring is beginning to get to sprunging, I had my dear husband point the camera my way. You gotta know what I look like right?

I am a narcissist of the worst variety. No picture of me is nearly as great as the one I see in my head. I prefer to think I look like the classically-tall-greek-goddess version of myself rather than the smile-til-your-eyes-shut-chicklet-teeth version.

So, here I am, as I am.


14 Days Later


I don't suppose that I am allowed to be this sick for this long.

My children unfortunately still are, well, getting to be again. The fever has hit the youngest two today (it started with me last week, worked down my husband and daughter)

Luckily this drooling man gets a free ticket to stay home from school and watch the Star Wars trilogy.


Which means I am still on nurse duty and get to watch the Stars Wars trilogy.


Which of course means my camera will stay on the shelf a while longer.


Stay with me in patience, there are things (not of the sick variety) to come.

Hidden treasures

I've been cleaning house computer-wise and found some fun ones. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think I posted them before, but they sure turned out nice.
And for the record, I am adoring lightroom to turn things black and white. That's how I did the above gems.
I also happened to *gasp* take pictures of my own children. We're still coming out of our "sick" phase of this winter, but I should be hearing out of my left ear any day now. (This also bodes well for the sessions that were so rudely delayed.)
This is one of his trademark moves. Someday, the ladies will appreciate it.


I never realized their eyes are verging on the same color. Also for the record, that is a maple syrup mustache
Never leave a mug of maple syrup in front of a kid who loves chocolate milk.
I'm just sayin.